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Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Sunday

After my last post I continued to fail in every 180 SnG I could register for. To cap off a bad couple of days, I busted a stars 50k gtd 10th when someone decided to rejam 82s in my face for either 2nd/3rd entering FT.

Today I started off running like fire, and I'm beginning to consider not firing up every tournament under the sun. Lowest buyins today were two $100 freezeout tournaments and obviously the obligitory $33 rebuy 3x turbo satellites to PCA. I think I fired one $$55 tournament up and immediately regretted it. Played a couple of satellites on party, but no dice in either, as I bust the Irish Poker Open sat in 10th with 5 seats, when I lose AK < AQ AI pre for CL and easy coast in.

I ended up bricking everything and/or playing bad, but did eventually cash the 1mill euro guaranteed on boss media for 3.5k. I also came 2nd in the FTP $50k gtd for 21.k Bit disappointing to not bink the 34k, but as I was super card dead the whole final table and was 2-1 down going into HU. A little sad that 30mins earlier he'd won A8 vs my AQ which would have given me a clear lead with maybe 5-6 left. Man this is starting to sound like a bitch post with all these bad beats. Whatever, I'm happy they weren't me playing bad (those times, I also made some terrible decisions today).

Hopefully I'm just saving my 'one time' for live tournaments. I did enjoy the boss media tournament, and I'm assuming there'll be a bunch more promotional tournaments on all the sites, with it being the holiday season.


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