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Monday, May 26, 2008

lose, win, lose, b/e etc

Well last Sunday was bad. Then sometime midweek I decided to flip someone on 2p2 for his roll and lost. Must be pretty nice to have AA in a flip. Friday was teh usual fustration, and I think I played bad. Sometimes I find it tough to tell in tournaments, but I guess my total equity in the party 50k gtd and the ftp 40k gtd when I busted out of each was maybe 6-8k but I cash for just under 2k.

I was really kicking myself, but the next day I went to doctor_funs house to grind the saturdays. I've come to realise that Saturdays really aren't fantasitc without the big sats. The schedule is better than normal weekdays, but probably not by that much. Obv prizepools are bigger, but around now with summer comming and less people being indoors (or going to vegas) I don't think that I should commit as vehemently to Saturday donkament grinding as I have done.

As for the session itself, I started late and never got going. Ended up 1 tabling the stars 109fo, 25k gtd for, well, forever (maybe 3hrs). Thankfully I won tho. I've started to get better with 2 tables in, although actually something I don't quite do right is the 8 down to 6 people spot. From 5 down I always feel very comfortable. I won it for 9.8k which was nice.
I def think my HU has improved dramatically but I've also definitely run hot to be 6-2 over my lifetime donkament HU battles. well maybe. Last nights actually took a long time cos I'm retarded and I took about 30mins to adapt to him.

Sunday? well i cashed the 1mill turbo takedown!!! Then zero cashes till the good old 109fo 25k gtd which I bombed out of in 10th for a 500k+ pot to go 1.5x CL. f sundays as per usual.

I'm not sure exactly when I'm getting to Vegas just yet. I wanted to do the start of the festival, but atm I am waiting on an alternate opportunity. If that doesn't pan out, I'm on the first plane over and straight to work on a bracelet.


Blogger Sam said...

congrats on the tourney win!
what tornos are you planning to play in vegas?

10:40 AM  
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