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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sundays are soulcrushing

Wow I'm on redic lifetilt. Things start pretty blah. Lose some chips, get them mostly back then mess up a ahnd real bad in the FTOPS HU first round and bust when I knew the game dynamic was not right. Thankfully win a load of bounties in the KO to untilt me.
Went Deep in the Warmup, only to have a retard big stack who was just terrible open shove AQs from UTG+2 (with like 80bbs and 30 something left) for like 40bbs effective. I cry a little inside and call TT and obv lose.
Went like close to deep in the Bodog major which I played for the first time. I'd put in like 500 hands of cash on the site to get used to it, but still completely for get about it from like 120-70 left when it started to slowdown a load. ADD ftl.

Luckboxed 2 tables in the early 100r but played a hand real slow only to cry on the river and get shown turned set to bust 8th for like 6k or something, but 1st was 65k so I'm currently lifetilting.

I dropped 1 stack at NL5k last night in a spot where my feel was right but I probaby should have gone for a safer line. I feel like I'm playing pretty well actually now, just running bad in real high variance spots. Oh well.


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