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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 huh? Last year pretty much flew by. I'd post an end of year graph if I had one, or do some kind of estimate of +/- but I honestly have no idea. This is probably one of my worst traits. I think I play the game well for the most part, but I'm just terrible at getting round to menial tasks. I used to keep track of my wins/losses pretty accurately on here for a while, but I just lost interest.

For December, I'm up ~$90k give or take 5-10k. I probably should know this stuff. My aim for the next year is to be better at tracking stuff.

Tomorrow I fly to PCA, strategically planning to arrive on the 3rd, and leaving on the 12th (so that I get the joy of palying Sundays on my laptop). Would like to say I'm looking forward to it, but I feel indifferent either way. My goal is to just try and do what I can in the tournaments, and not lose credit card roulette when the big bills come.

In the last post, I was obviously complaining about running bad. Well I managed to close out the party 18k gtd in the end, basically luckboxing the crapshoot period that is the close of virtually every party donkament. I was convinced to play yesterdays nightlies by a lewi because of the huge overlays. I won a small 9k gtd on ongame (my 1/day cash), which lewi also ft'd but then my play went to complete shit. Rocked my D- game pretty damn hard, and deserved not to cash anything. Actually that's not true I did get a little unlucky in some spots, but I just didn't think I was in touch with any table flow. It's been a while since I've been so annoyed at my own play. It's gonna happen every now and then just out of pure variance, but playing bad really annoys me because it means I've left money on the table.

anyway gl for 2009, see you after pca


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