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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not a great end to the year.

lost total of $19 playing interpoker.
Took some severe beats playing NL£25.

Had KK and in vs 10,10 for £32 pot preflop. First card out is a ten. LOL
then J5s in BB call min bet to me. KJ5 he moves in i call. turn K and he triuphantly flips over AK for a £14 pot.

Then J,8 in SB. flop Q,10,9. £50 pot. Turn A, river K and the dude splits with AJ.

Tilted maybe £15ish away.So without tilt would be slightly up. Never mind I am strong enough to book a loss. Rakeback will bring me up to at least just under even.

Played maybe 4-5hrs for 769 hands. -$19.


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