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Sunday, February 26, 2006

What a bad weekend

I sucked all weekend.
Won $9 on friday night before going out to 'phase', which is at kings. was on snakebite all night. was a lot of fun, hadn't got drunk in ages.
Would have been a lot more if my AA didnt get sucked out on by Q6(??) when i'd reraised preflop and he hit a 6 on the turn. uh!
So i was down like $70 on sat afternoon, no problem, why not jump to the NL100 game? lol
i was tilting bad and ended up $180 down. Decided my intercasino bonus needed clearing, so i went and casino whored. Of course i did this gambling stylee so ended up $180, thus breaking even.
Also cleared the bonus.
Then went back to poker later that night and won $130.
Sunday i played 7 STTs of both the £3.60 (5) and £1.2 (2). Did not cash in any. lolipops
I was playing an MTT aswell, played like a complete donk but made it to last 20 with 3rd in chips. Then with 11 to go decided A7 was it and i lost half my chips. 22 next hand and i go out. 11-20 pretty much just got their buyin back, and 1st payed £97. Again i didnt get to the final table, which is really annoying because i really would like to do it. My MTT game isn't the best, I admit, but I am still probably skilled enough to do it consistantly.
Played like a complete donk because i knew there were times when i didnt extract, and times when i could have won (A7 hand would have been won if i had moved in on river).

Then dropped $22 at a cash table. Went and gambled at intercasino (bonus clearing) and made $25 back. So end of sunday so far is -$19. Aim not to play anymore today, and maybe not for a few days. Am gonna apply to York uni for a masters programme in Management.


week: +$210
BR: $2525
year: $1572

I havent suffered a losing week total wise in ages now, with that -$150 week the only one comming to mind. But i had 2 great weeks either side of that which more than made up.
Reading week i could do no wrong, this week i'm really struggling. Lucky my gambling paid off, but some day its gonna catch me. Variance is a bitch.
Only need to make $2000 to meet my half yearly target. This should be pretty easy, so I am now gonna concentrate on getting fit again and of course school work. Applying for jobs would be nice too.

Crypto sites have much LAGgier players, but their v$ips are way too high, like 60%-80%. My jump to NL100 on tilt was dumb, i'm gonna start playing two 6-max NL50, and two 10-max tables, but one at NL50 and one at NL100.


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