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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Week 2. 03/06/06-11/06/06

again played a lot less than i wanted to, and again pretty poorly.


party: won/loss Hands played

LHE1/2 $44.12 2411
NL100 $130.68 2311
LHE0.5/1 $20.5 340
NL25 (10.31) 5687

took 33hrs, dropped a lot on tilt too
so $184.99 means $5.29 per hour. not exactly setting the world alight.


LHE1/2 ($54)


LHE $23

bonus: $200 from party.

i dropped $200 today alone. which pisses me off no end. I really did get fucked by the deck on multiple occassions. My LHE figures were good untill today where i dropped 25 BB in about 80 hands thanks to getting completely fucked everytime. won at showdown on 18%. fucking great.


crypto: ($10)
stars: ($8.8)
Party ($1)

This equates to $334 for the week (or about £180). this is fucking shite.

I played about 45 hrs total which jsut annoys me no end. I haven't played on crypto much. what has been very disappointing is the $$ from the NL25. for that many hands i expected to be up around $150-$200. I guess i could jsut be experiencing a bad stretch.

All week i've played decently, sometimes on tilt but mostly pretty well. I just could catch any breaks. Today I had AA once and KK once in 500 hands. Usually i dont complain about this as it doesnt even usually register, but come on its sick.
PT shows no QQ, JJ, AK, AQs. I got 88,77, 66 a total of 3 times combined. Its only over 500 hands so its not that big a drought but it sucks completely. I've really been stung by fish all day, especially in the tourneys where some crazy shit just pissed me off. How about a K9s squeeze that gets called for 1/2 his stack by... J2s. He hits the 2 and gg me. i was seriously like wtf.

I'm actually pretty unhappy about the number of hours played. Although 45 is good, its playing EVERYDAY and not all of this is cash. I've only clocked around 35hrs of cash. what sucks is that I'm making around £4 per hour which TOTALLY sucks. Variance hurts too. If i had published these results yesterday I'd not have shown the $200 dropped and it would have looked so much prettier.
Tomorrow I'm taking the whole day off playing. I think i am a little burned out, which reflected in my play today.

After tomorrow I'm considering just playing NL50 and try and grind out a BR via hours. I'm also gonna get a shitload more hands in at NL25. I may get in 20hrs at NL25 which means 10k hands 9-tabling. another 20hrs 4-tabling NL50 and I expect to make $1000 next week, minimum. I might play at absolute a lot since i got RB and the bonuses there. I definitely intend to complete my hands at pokerroom. its worth $120 from PSO for 400 points and another $200 for 2000 points. I guess this shouldnt be too hard, although i may have to start negotiating the NL tables there, which I've been avoiding because of the blind structure.

All in all another awful week. BR back to $3773 but i would have thought it would be more like $5000 if things could just go my way a bit. Gonna have to work out how to take money out of my BR. I think I'm gonna take $$ out every 2 months.

gotta figure out some expenditure numbers:

Rent: £95/week
Food/bills: £55
other £20
entertainment £20

these are all estimates, and i reckon they are pretty spot on, if not a little conservative.
so i reckon i need £190 per week which is around $350 a week.
So to be on the safe side lets say $400. That's nothing to make a week

I will be looking into relieving the psychological pressure of playing though and getting a part time job. This will jsut take the pressure off a little and let me play without my subconscience screwing me over.


Blogger Mattastic said...

A part-time job would certainly help mate as you wouldn't be reliant on the poker cash and this is a big weight off your mind.

No doubt things will turn around as you're obviously a good player, might see you on Party $1/$2 once my Stars bonus has been cleared!

8:12 AM  

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