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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I feel like blogging. gogogog

Wow today I actually feeel like blogging. Kinda weird since I was trying to log on to 2p2, but the forums were down so I was like 'ZOMG WHAT THE HELL DO I DO WITH MY LIFE NOW???'
It's really sad, but when I wake up (I'd like to say in the morning but that's obviously not the case) the first thing I do is turn on the computer, get a drink, take a piss and then sit down and load up 2p2. It's not my homepage, hotmail is, but I never check my mail until AFTER I've read the cheese thread in SSNL and then checked BBV in case there is some uber-awesome thread that happened overnight.

Past few days pokerwise have been ok. Won some monies. Only played 6k hands this month so far, which is at the quater mark. I wanna do like 15k hands one of these weeks and 10k one of the others. I just found out the exchange rate has dropped, so err... i better play more. I wanna be like tickner and play 40k hands in 6 days (fucking animal).

I'm taking the next couple of days off, since i'm meant to get pretty intoxicated and have had like zero sleep. Today I'm gonna have lunch with damo (my housemate) and then take a nap. My other housemate francesca is going on a pub crawl so I'll join them later, then at8pm have to get to brick lane for a curry, AND then a house party in clerckenwell where theres gonna be like 2 DJs and whotnot (at a houseparty YO!)


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