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Monday, November 20, 2006

Look kid, Be Positive

My last few posts have all been whiney.

'oh i don't run goot.'
'ffs i cant win etc etc'
'i hate poker'

I can't be bothered to check as I type this whether or not I'm actually quoting myself, but its close enough. It's embarrassing to say the least

Well, I've taken some time to think about my game in general, and I think I can't get out of the thinking that everyone's bluffing me. This coincides with my recently style which has been TAG but with serious LAGTARD tendencies. I think I'll be reigning it in a little, and try and pay off a lot less on later streets when I feel and beat. What really pissed me off the other night is that i accidentally turned my comp off at the mains because i thought it was off, but i'd actually left it on to datamine. This totally fucks up the db that is open (gets a load of errors etc) and so I've now lost it. REALLY annoying as i've now done this twice, although the first time it was someone else's fault.

I think I've improved immensely just from sitting down and thinking like that. This week I hope for 8k+ hands I think, and am gonna play the morning session from 5am GMT if I can wake up in time. lol. I'm gonna start playing mixed limts because imo a lot of MSNL/HSNL players are having to do that due to game selection reasons, thus, me too. I'll be playing a mix of NL200/NL400, and maybe drop to NL100 as well if I get desparately short of games. I wanna see how playing in the morning is for a while, and am curious to see if I'll enjoy it. I think having to play at night and sleep during the day has begun to affect me, it also means I can start doing stuff during the day, like... erm... going to class.

Last night I sweated my homeboy, Rupert in the stars million. He came 23/24th (something like that) for $2500 after satelliting in. OMG we were both pissed as hell. $2.5k you say? Goot score you say? Nope. I was annoyed as hell and I didnt even have a stake in him. Man to get THAT close and still not holla at some green would tilt me so bad. I actually didnt see the exactly action, but he flops a set then gets pwned by a straight. Standard. I hope to take some time out and play some tourneys/ satellites this week, especially the stars million. Ya, I 'll probably only ITM like 15%-25% of the time but when I do I could a goot deal at teh FT. Holla at the big bucks. I'll also play some $22-$33 range MTTs I think, and also i wanna make like 500 FPPs on stars sometime, probably whilst playing the donkaments.

Some of the SSNLers are meeting up this weekend, as True is coming from Wales. If anyone's in town and fancies coming to the Gutshot, contact me either here or via 2+2 PM (my 2p2 name is tufat23).


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