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Monday, December 04, 2006

Wow this blog almost got cancelled

I couldnt figure out how to log in with the new version of blogspots, so was about to just leave it and start another blog.


a lot of stuff has happened since last time. Can't remember much apart from True being on panorama (he's matt hopkins the 20 yr old poker 'pro' who helps the reporter win/lose monies'). Then I also met up with rupert ONE TIME for some Gutshot action. I also went to wales to meet up with true again. wow i really suck at writing, and i'm too tired to write up proper reports.

In terms of my last month, I may or may not do a round up. tbh I pretty much made $2000 last month after rb and bonuses, which is pretty painfull. It's not exact but I guess I don't really need to sweat the small stuff. I broke even for VERY long stretches a lot of it due to bad logic/play. I went to True's house on Wednesday and have watched a lot. I have some new weapons to my game, and some new lines to be taking.

Bring on december. I might not play tonight, thats cool but will definitely play a lot for the rest of the week. I'd love to start putting in the long sessions, but I still don't think I'm focused enough to do so. I need to play a lot, since there are a lot of Xmas parties coming up that I'm pretty much required to go to.

Coming up I have a bit of schoolwork to do, and also get an application in to UCAS for uni's next year. I am seriously considering doing nothing next year and just playing poker. This Xmas holiday will actually be very important in my decision i think, since I am gonna play 'pro' for 3 weeks straight and see if I feel the love.

Today I have some stuff to sort out, including class to go to. I made a video last night at NL25 and this can be found here.



Blogger derbywhite said...


Thanks for the video. Good luck in December.

10:06 PM  
Blogger kitaristi0 said...

holla +1

5:36 PM  

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