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Friday, December 22, 2006

lolo run hot at life

So last night I dropped $800 playing a bit dumb. Some rediculous shoves that in retrospect i can easily do with strong hands and get paid because imo there should be no way i get called in those spots.

Here is teh trip report from when some of the UK's SSNL ballas met up.

Today my boiler got fixed in like 30 seconds by the plumber. HOLLA

The house is nice and warm, and I'm about to go shower. I've called up the delivery service and my 30" monitor is at the depot, and will be getting delivered on the 27th now. Not too much of a problem I guess. Also I emailed uni, in response to my lack of attendance.

My main goals for the next 2 weeks are basically to play LOADS of poker, and do some revision. I'll hopefully get my room all tidied up and ready for the carpetting to come up. There's a tonne of crap that I'll be throwing out simply because i keep too much crap.

The main thing that has been going on online is the brandi rose/captain tom/newhizzle action. This is definitely one of the biggest threads in recent 2p2 history and is absolutely crazy. Check it out in NVG on 2p2.

Recently there was a thread in SSNL about which 3 posters you'd most want with you on a deserted island to help u pozz NL200. My name did come up a couple of times, but not much. Big 3 were True, Jamougha and dbitel, which is prety jsutified since they've been 3 of the most successful SSNLers of recent times and really are playing MSNL now.
It did get me thinking though, as tehre were names listed who I don't really rate, and whom actually ask me for help a lot. I think this stems from me not really bothering to explain what I'm thinking most of the time in strat posts. Usually I give 1 or 2 lines and expect that to be it. It's mainly cos most of what I was thinking has been said before, or there really isn't much to be said without strong reads. Even then what I mean by 'reads' doesn't mean 'ZOMG I CAN READ HIS SOUL' more 'what is his hand range given his past betting patterns and the hero-villain history? What range does he put me on and have I misrepped my hand?'

The above was written in the morning, right now its 9.20pm and I jsut finished a session. Up around $280 with 500 hands left for the party bonus, which I assume will be around 1.25hrs of play at 6-max NL200. Afterwards I might switch out and play NL50 whilst simultaneously donking it up in some $11 donkaments, probably on stars but maybe FTP.

Tonight I'm gonna log in a load of LHE and donakments I think. Fuck doing anything else I'm SO tired. I've been playing on party recently, cos the tables are very good and the current reload bonuses that are stackable. So fat I'm almost done with one, but I have like up to 8 to do if I can. Pokerstars have also got a reload going on, so tonight's LHE will be at both stars and party. I'd probably better check my neteller balances to make sure I can max out all the reloads since I have like $9k on Fulltilt doing nothing since I'm not playing there right now


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