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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Plans Plans PLans

I've noticed I don't always post about whats going on, and i've been cheating by posting a lot in the SSNL cheese thread.

My aim for the rest of the month is 30k hands, which shouldn't be much of a problem.

Probably play 10 out of the 14 days, so 3k hands a day. If I push real hard, and don't go home at Christmas, probably 40k hands.
I think it would be kinda nice for me to able to play some poker without having to be concerned about anything else. I think I'm almost defintiely gonna take a Gap year next year to play poker.

Although I've always said that 'I don't really like playing poker', the opportunity poker has given me is not something I'll pass on easily. Now I think that I'd really like to spend some time playing the game and really working hard at it.

I'm feeling really sick right now, and i mean in the sore throat sense, little drowsy etc etc that kinda thing. Tried to play some today, but really didnt 'feel' it. The sore thorat bugged me. Was a little swingy, lolostacked 1st orbit after flopping a set. np I was up a little, but only 750 hands. Aim is to make $10k this month, which is a tallish target considering how much i've already made/played this month. I've basically played zero hands in 7 days. However, I'm feeling a LOT better about my game and have been 'enjoying' poker a little.
I'm still tilting a little crazy tho, eg the NL10 we played yesterday where i dropped 10 stacks just donking around. Like, erm, kid, you know you just blew £50 for no reason? So I went and flipped playing blackjack, ONE TIME $100. lets gogogog. good thing i won it. lolo
Also, my interpoker bonuses that I've been stacking for ages are expiring on 18th Dec. So I'm now gonna casinowhore lots and lots, well, when watching tv. It's actually not worth my time if I couild be playing poekr instead.

In life issues, nothing much is going on. I handed in an assignment which was why i haven't played any poker recently. I went to Alex's Bday dinner, which is cool and stuff although I was fucking tired having been to Brighton all day. I've managed to watch the whole of season 3 of scrubs in 2 days. Holla. I'm still not totally sold on the programme, but its the next best alternative. Almost all of teh 'good' ones have been watched to death by me, as have films. The stuff I've missed, I probably wouldn't like (and yeah, I definitely have researched this hard).
As a mini-follow up to the previous post, I'm still reading 2p2 WAAAAAAYYYY too much. Doing my best to cut it down.
Tomorrow I'm gonna try and buy my Xmas present for, well myself. Looking for a duffel coat. Probably no poekr since I'm not feeling that goot, although if I'm ok I'll do a short session. I'll try and get some casinowhoring in.



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