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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Big Picture

As shown above! for a $4316 total


  • £25 from willhill monthly
  • $120 stars reload
  • $1085 from party reload + surprise surpirse + winter promo + pick your gift

  • $100 froma flip because I lost monies at NL(0.10).
  • $450 from play whilst clearing $400 in bonuses
  • $800 from my gambling problems

  • (£200) cash games after my blowup tilt
  • +£80 in total from donkament

total $6681 for teh month. Wow I didn't bother to total before, but I was closer to $7k than I thought. Could have broken $7k, but as can be seen below I got AI preflop with AA vs KK vs QT and lost in the $500 pot when KK spiked. kinda gay because I went on lifetilt right there, before spending 5hrs to come off lifetilt. A terrible way to welcome the new year, playing a 6.5hr session to get unstuck. The games were good though and I'd probably have got unstuck a lot sooner had I actually run well or not got outdrawn in tough spots.

So pre living costs I hit $19861 total, butI'm gonna -$4861 this month cos I bought a new comp and am gonna start withdrawing more. So BR back to $15000 but tbh it probably makes no difference if I had $10k, $15k or $20k right now, I'm staying at NL200 until I feel I dominate the level, and even if I'm jsut a mild winner its really good money if I can get the hands in. In the past BR was to 'keep score' but now I almost don't care, I'm just keeping it updated incase I do care sometime


Blogger derbywhite said...


Nice job!!

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'll be in touch when all gets back to normal.

All the best for 2007

12:30 AM  
Blogger actyper said...

Wow awesome December!!! Keep it up for 07!

3:43 PM  

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