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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Live poker is really boring

Last two days I met up with one of my best friends from school, Lewi. We actually kinda lost touch for 3 yrs, not bothering to chat until the 3rd year of uni (last year), when one time when we were obviously both very bored on msn, we messaged each other.

Him: hi
Me: hi
Him: whats new?
Me and Him: yadayadayada... do you play poker?

Obivously it kicks off cos I'm playing NL25/NL50 and he's playing NL600. Anyway fast forward to Wednesday we pop down to teh gutshot. The donkament going at 8pm is a £30 +£30 'rebuy or add-on'. Basically £30 for 1500 chips and you get either one rebuy or one add-on for 2000 chips, so baiscally its a £60 buyin for 3500 chips. I get bored after the first break, and start pushbotting, get caught out BADLY but double to be big and then get the table broken. This is good cos i now have a table which probably respects me and has no idea I'm about to run them over.
Now I don't ever want to play postflop given stack/blind ratios, so obviously I'm pushbotting. This proves complicated because they're usually too stupid to realise whats going on, but just see me as crazy wild because they wouldn't ever dare 'put their whole tournament life at risk' in the crazy way that I did. I pretty much shoved 2.5 times per orbit once it got down to 14 left andf two tables, and absolutely raped it. tbh I got seriosuly unlucky to have no good starting hands, and lost 1 big pot with AJ vs JJ which i was actually considering passing. never mind, i shove 2 hands in a row and steal it all back. Live donkaments are easy, cos people are suck pussies. People obviously think I'm some kinda idiot, because they'd never shove without a pair, and i was making people fold AK, which tbh was fucknig crazy. motherfucking Q high is good vs my range, wtf are you doing you idiots?
The guy to my direct left was having the worst of it, because unless he was UTG, he was facing a shove almost every time. Eitehr someone raises/shove in front of me, or it folds to me and i shove. I never walked him once. Eventually he calls with K6 and lolo what did you expect? obivously I have T7s. He wins, nvm, i have 5x the number of chips he has. I shove next hand, Q7 vs some nits 66. holla i win FT time.
This last all of two hands when i shove Q6 into the bb who snap calls KQ, nvm out 7th. I was pissed simply cos the damn thing too so long. I got like £173, but first was £1.3 so i was obviously rather pissed off since I felt I should have won. I got called a 'one trick pony', but tbh wtf do you want? If I play like everyone else, I pray for good cards and almost never get to make the final table until i run AA into KK like 4 times, which is pretty much what everyone else was doing to get to the FT.
layed cash games after and ended +£50.

That was then, next day I win $380 online, then go to the gutshot and blow £350 almost instantly. A pretty terrible blow up.

Nvm, today was even crazier and can be found here. I would definitely recommend reading, so as you never fall into this terrible situation yourself. This is an example of some of the times when I can have totally mental blowups, and it wasn't even playing poker. I basically end up betting $1k/hand on blackjack, twice after losing the first one (and then obviously I continue gambling at $200 and $500/hand because I'm still not ahead).

I'm not gonna post a full report, but basically I should break $6k this month as long as I don't have any crazy rediculous losing days this weekend. I won't do a yearly round up properly, cos I really can't be bothered and dont care, but I think I am around $30k, which is solid cos I totally sucked at poker untill August.

Bring on next year. gl to all


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