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Saturday, March 10, 2007

My lifestyle sucks

I need to go to the gym and generally do other healthy things. I'm putting on weight playing poker, and it's not really due to what i eat, more to do with my lack of excercise...
saying that, $2.5k day. holla

I'm playing a lot of hands for some reason, although not ALL at 2/4 like i'd hope. sometimes the games just look bad and i dont want to play, but do. I've played about 2k hands at NL100 this month, which is a waste of time. I thought it'd be a destresser but really i just stress out more.
up $8.5k for the month and i just bought into the sunday million on a whim even though i suck at donkaments but because I run HAWT.

I like the fact that a few people that I know in real life read this blog, even though some of it is just poker jargon or 2p2 ( slang and probably sounds like complete nonsense to a normal person.


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