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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I am crazy lazy

Virtually no play since my last post. Practically speaking, taking 9 days off, since i have a test on tuesday. variance, I havent done any revision.

Taking time off from poker is good, but i still think about it and constantly rethink new lines and new scenarios. I think my math is a bit weak, not in terms of the normal crap, but learning percentages given pokerstoave ranges and weighting hands and calc FE. This is something I've generally just been taking educated guesses at (i'm mostly pretty accurate), but I could probably fine tune 0.5PTBB/100 out f myself if i could do this better.

I went on a binge, and bought ages of empires 3 and some books from amazon. I'll start playing that since I have a dope ass computer, which i dont take advantage of. I just watched 300, and also I've been watching Rome a lot, so battles are kinda intriguing me. I watched the 3rd LoTR film again yesterday just to watch all the battles.

I just bought a new subwoofer and speakers for the computer for £100, and also a new 500gb external HD, cos i dload so much BS. To top off my spending spree, I think I'm gonna buy some turntables and try DJing. LAWL. Well, it's kinda expensive but if I played poker right now, I'd probably blow the money. I might as well spend it on something that I have a chance at actually enjoying. I think it'd be something theraputic to do. Poker is fine, but its kinda stressful. I need something else to do that I do just for pleasure. Odds are I'm gonna be sick good, since its something I would actually be able to do without leaving my bedroom (holla?)
I think I'll spend up to £400-£500 on decks + mixer, and then probably a shedload on records.
Either way, it's probably cheaper than the amount i'd lose if i tried playing right now.

Anyway, back to cleaning my room. It's crazy how into it i can be when I have studying to do.


Blogger mahynd said...

hey man, post a pic of your setup or give me some advice? i'm looking to build a new desktop. want a sicko monitor as cheap as i can get it.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

i dig your blog.

if you're getting decks, i'd REALLY recommend ST.150's. they have way more torque than technics (even though every technic owner swears by theirs) and a better feature set. i <3 mine.

gimme a shout if you're going to purchase; i'd consider getting a digital vinyl controller solution (final scratch / serato) as buying wax just gets to be way expensive. plus digital is just so much damn fun and versatile.

4:06 PM  

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