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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've finished all my exams, which I really don't want to contemplate. My goal now is to hit 80k+ hands, hopefully break 100k for the month of may. Gonna be a challenge since I did 4k hands in the first week (last exam was on the 4th). The above is my graph for the month so far. I thought it was funny.

I'm considering structuring a general daily timetable for myself. Something along the lines of:

  • wake up before 12pm
  • lunch. go to gym at 2pm
  • back 3pm
  • start playing 4pm
  • break 6pm
  • eat.
  • play 8pm-10pm
  • 15-30mins break
  • play till 12-1am, depending on tiredness
assuming i get in the region of700 hands/hr (i'm not toally sure, cant be bothered to check PT) i should be able to log in the region of 4k hands/day. with 23 days left in the month, thats fine. As the end of the month draws closer, I will either step up the hours, or 12-table NL200.

My goal is to hit a minimum of $20k before rb + bonii. I would like $25k, and ideally break $30k, but we'll see how feasible that is.

I haven't really scheduled much time for 'poker study', but I surf 2p2 strat threads often, and I'm often critiquing my own play and thinking about hands afterwards anyways.

I think I'll put out a video sometime, when I get a chance, maybe of NL200


Blogger actyper said...

What level were you playing on that 500 hand mountain climb? That was sick.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Amatay said...

Good to see you back

2:42 PM  
Blogger SpecT said...

hey man,

looking foward to the video. gl with the grinding

2:41 PM  

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