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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mid month update

Well I've barely played any poker, as per usual. I'm also stuck 4k in flipping, which is lots of fun (not).

I'm up about 4k in 2k hands of cash and 20k in all donkament stuff. Pretty solid for not doing that much I guess :D

Pretty disappointing sunday as I played ipoker for the first time. Came 18th in the 200k gtd when i lost AK vs KJ AI pre for the chip lead with 25ish left. That was SOOOOOOO annoying and sent me on lifetilt. I tilted in teh 10k gtd on cake and came 3rd when i had like 60% of the chips at one stage. I was just so tilted.

I've played around maybe 80 tourneys total this month, and FT'd 6 which is pretty hot.

Congrats also to my homeboy rupert, who's horse did extremely well in the sun mill.

Cash gamewise I've not played much 6-max. Mostly it's been mtts. Tomorrow is day 1a of the GUKPT ME leg 9 in the vic. I'll go play that if I can, gonna see if i can jsut turn up and register. I expect I can. I've learned so much about tournaments recently, this is really really gonna be sick. It's a £1k buyin which I'm probably just rolled for usually and I could easily get backing but I think it's a huge waste since my edge here is probably like a 300%+ ROI. Saying that I do still have to win crucial flips, as with any donkament


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