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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sundays. ugh.

First I missclick enter the $535 assuie millions sat on ftp, so I have to sell 1/2 my action, have a massive chip stack the split AA AI pre vs QQ and then lose 44 vs AT AI pre 30bbs deep. lol gg. out 4th, for $750, top two get $18k packages


Then cake poker decides not to let me log in, i find its cos this dude wanted me to xfer him monies, when really i didnt need cake money anyway. gg $33 for the 10k gtd which i couldnt play.

Sometime later I FT the 11k GTD on UB, but run 88 into AA 7 handed.

Next up, I bust 12th in the boss media 100k euro gtd, which sucked rediculously bad. I ran so bad near the end, never got any hands. sigh

Can't really complain about the 13.5k gtd that I got to the last 2 tabels on, just generally cold, thats ok, but sigh at blubbling the FTP 1mill gtd.

Started playing on this new site, which is so much fun. people are terrible, but now my eyes hurt cos its such an ugly interface and the stupid animation thing gets really old. I also feel like my poker thought process has jsut gone back 20 months. I'm gonna get some sleep now and hopefully take the whole of monday off. I need around 27k hands by the end of the month, I'm gonna try and do 4k on each day tues-friday which should mean I'm good to go.

I am really really rusty at NL 6-max right now, and need to get back into things.


Blogger actyper said...

Dude, the pace on that pkr site is slower than live. I can't play more than 10mins there without going crazy.

1:05 PM  
Blogger dappadan777 said...

Andy been reading ur blog on and off for a while. pkr is my home site, gimme a shout when ur next on name is the same. i play 2/4nl, 3/6nl and 5/10nl almost everyday.

1:54 PM  

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