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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh noes, I get to play a sunday!

Actually the first proper sunday grind in a while.

This is what I played, in no particular order since this is what I wrote them down in as I registered for them a little randomly.

boss media 320 euros (about $450)
sun warmup 215
15 gtd on stars 109
SH on mansion 108
150k gtd mansion 108
uboc 1050
10k gtd ftp 75
109 sat to ftp mill 109
75 sat to mill 75
betfair special 550 (1800)
ipoker major 215
14k gtd ftp75 75
25k gtd ftp 75 (398.99)
11r on stars 78 (318.59)
absolute 75k gtd 162
2nd chance 215 (467.78)
mulligan 215
cake 100k gtd 162
stars pca sat 650
rndm $11 11 (13.92)
sun lotto 11
party major 215
ftp mill 535
stars 25k gtd 55 (224.70)

So I spent $5523 in donkament entries yesterday, no FTs. ran kinda bad, in one 3 min stretch i busted 20bb stacks in 3 donkaments with pure flips with decent hands, and lost 50bb pot in the party when i had 40bbs at the start (which is huge for party donkaments).

Did a few sats to teh ftp 1 mill, didnt realise it was a 535 but doesnt really matter. again tho i spent a lot trying to sat into it because I started early with the warmup and party major but I didnt have anything else running so decided playing those sats would be worthwhile.

betfair was terrible, i kept d/cing every hand and in the first 2 levels i think i played like 10 hands, of which i folded like 9, or got to fold 9. anyway in the end i got skier_5 to play for 30% when we had like 40k at 100/200 no ante. lol i was huge but couldnt actually log in, starting stacks were 5k. i cashed for 1800 in that :( but i guess its not the worst since at one point i almost had to give highn 40% which is just stupid.

biggest disappointment of the day really was the 2nd chance, with about i think 100 left i lost AK vs QQ AI pre when i 4-bet shoved cold for 2nd in chips, but pretty much 1st and it was for like 140bbs or soemthing redic. I was sighing all over teh place obv.

return of $3224, but 540 is going to skier. i get 525 back from shaun for the uboc that he had action in and the 650 pca sat. so only down 1664.

Ok this isnt usually what ure gonna get on this blog, im just terribly bored so giving a breakdown of last night. Jack (doctor_fun) was grinding with me last night and almost went deep in the million but obv flipping isnt his strong point either.

still need to book flights to america, going in like 2 days. i wanted to go aussie, but I'll piss off too many people whom I've already made arrangements for things with. Biggest thing right now is I need some w$ to buy into the PCA

edit: cashed in the party for 418, but then i lost a 1k flip with ahnuld cos J4 runs hot vs me


Blogger gobby said...

u need to update ur blog more, oh and add mine to ur list

10:30 PM  
Blogger hennnerz said...

yeah i think if more people commented then you would update it more.

TR from the MSNL house with pics soon plzzzz

12:36 AM  
Blogger hennnerz said...

oh and andy, i changed my blog URL for the time being to:

1:08 AM  
Blogger gobby said...

update ur blog!!

7:22 PM  

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