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Monday, January 28, 2008

Obv another bad sunday

In for 3.3k. I busted a lot of things in really gay ways, got it in v good in mansion 150k gtd for a 3x avg stack but i lose cos thats how things go.

Not sure exactly how much i cashed for today. almost FT'd cake 22r, but I lost one 75/25 and one flip to bust. great got like $130. 4th in the party 18k gtd, and just dominated the table but lost every showdown so kept doubling shorties, then lost AT vs QQ bvb. pffffffff

crypto was teh gayest, had a decent stack but midway through me and jack get drawn for the same table and crypto wont let two accounts in from teh same IP so one has to sit out. sjghushgulfgao;daf

actually kinda depressed but i'll be over it tomorrow


Blogger joe said...

I enjoy your blog but your use of 'gay' is sad. I realise this is widely used as slang to describe something bad but you should think a bit more before using it and work out why people might find it offensive.

10:32 PM  
Blogger gobby said...

no new posts in 6 days...obv you're running goot!?

11:14 PM  
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