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Saturday, January 19, 2008


well i'm really tired right now, its 12am and i've been up like 6hrs. I got a lot of stuff to sort out, mainly my room. I'm also really really cash busto. It's a little fustrating, I guess it#s cos I havent grinded much online so I'm feeling a little low online too. doesnt help that i have like 17k in w$ that i dont need for a while.

gukpt was boring, busted just before 2nd break. i gotta start busting live donkaments on bad beats. i think i've played like 8 so far and busted everyone getting my money in very very behind. I think i'm being slightly too active in spots where i dont need to be. whatever.

booked room and flights for lapc already, how am i so organised????

x-post from hsmtt. kinda interesting theory imo, but a bad call for sure. i think i factored too much in that i was gonna have to get a room somewhere and that the place totally sucked. the only reason that it was worth going was that the standard is like a $10 FO online.

GUKPT 1st leg is today, £1k buyin. I'm on the table and running it over. At first break i have like 70% of the T25 chips on the table and just have a huge stack of them. By the first break (1hr levels, 2 levels per break) i have 3-bet maybe 6 times total. I chipped up a little in a hand where I 3-bet AKo, checked behind a TTxr board and called a bet on both turn A and river J (and was shown QJ lol?)

Anyway next level is 75/150 and I 3-bet/call AKo and flip vs 88 for 12k pot and win. easy game. I'm up to just over 21kish.
Couple of hands later vs Charalambos Xanthos whom i've 3-bet 3 tiems already. he limps i make it 600 with AKdd, bb calls he calls. Flop Qh5d4d, checked to me I bet 1100, fold villain minraises and starts talking a bs about how much I raise him blah blah blah. I shove for 4k more he has 55 and holds. i lol as indicates that he talked me into a shove.

At 75/150 again i 3-bet him with AQ from sb vs button open and he calls and i check oop on QJx. He checks, i fire turn he folds. then I 3-bet him at same blind levels with TT after he minraises pre and he c/fs on 876 2-tone.

I win a load of pots, then open JJ at 100/200 and get 3-bet by the dude behind me. He's a young guy with whom i've talked to a bit after i mentioned that i was at PCA. we chat about PCA; he didnt go but he said that a friend of his FT'd the sun mill whilst there and i'm like: 'lol mkind?' and he says yeah. So i say 'yo im tufat23' and he has no idea who I am. wtf, gtfo. He'd doubled 2nd level with the most retarded hand ever. He limps 99 UTG niel channing limps, yound azn dude who's imo weak passive raises, both call. flop T99hh and UTG now donk leads out, channing calls. turn blank 8 UTG bets again channing raises, utg calls and then snap donk shoves a river Ah. I'm like wtf, channing calls and its 99 vs TT. xpert guys.

anyway young dude now 3-bets to 1625 with about 14k effective. i lol cos this is the first time he's done anything vs me and i think hes FOS. I call (its a a tarp?)
flop 986sss, i have no spade, i check for a c/r AI, he checkes behind. turn 6 i bet 1700 he calls. river blanks, I check he bets 3100 and I sigh really really hard and call. 64o is good sir.

next orbit I open JTo UTG and MP calls. hes been kinda agrro basically jsut playing super high AF and no ones played back. flop K73r i bet 800 he makes it 1500 more, i tank for 45secs+ and shove. he folds after maybe 10secs and i show J high cos i roll like that. not sure what to make of showing those tbh. thoughts?

2 hands later I'm in sb. Young azn dude oopens CO to 525, bambos calls i make it 2k with A7s and 12k effective at start. CO folds, button shoves for 10k more.

I seriously make an agressive call here. I kinda dont like it anymore, but I think i got rushed because the clock was called on me really fast and I was trying to think through at what pot odds I can call here. I'm pretty sure its TT+ or AQ+ and i have 30% equity. i think 5% of the time hes got KQo but unlikely from the chat he was giving too. I decided to completely ignore it since i didnt know if i was getting leveled, but he took a £10 note out of his pocket and said taht I could have it if i called. tehn 20 secs later takes it back. since I had no idea what level he was on, and assuming that i was gonna get leveled since he has been a lifepro for at least 2x my lifetime i decided that i would totally ignore all chat.

My thinking is that i'm getting 3-2 on the call, so a normal nuetral EV stance i need 40% equity. obv i think i have 30% equity so i'm giving up 2.5k i.e. 10% of the pot in equity. add on top that its my donkmaent life on the line, i have to figure out what % tahts worth too. i was thinking around 5k on top of the 2.5k but is that too much to give up when i call and lose?
if i drop to 10k after folding i have 50bbs but the next level is 150/300/25 and is the first ante level. I kinda hate 33bbs in that spot imo. i think at 10k stack people will play back at me a lot or do some funky stuff. at 25k stack after jsut calling a shove not getting odds, im pretty sure no one will 3-bet me light or ever 4-bet me light and i can totally run over the table with absolutely no resistance. OMG THIS KID CALLS HIS TOURNAMENT LIFE AI WITH A7s AND SHOVES J HIGH on Kxx BOARDS!!!11111. I figure taht i'm gonna have to make up at least 7.5k when i call and win over teh pot odds im getting. does this make logicall sense? i decided that at 25k i would make up at least around 5k, but then i get the clock called on me so i dont have enough time ot process everything and decide that the location of the donkament is in a tough place if im there past 11pm so i dont mind gambling and he obv holds with qq. i think 3-2 is not good enough to call there, but can i call getting 2-1? usually i think not and i wouldnt have 3-bet but people we're folding extremely frequently to my 3-bets and i figured that was a spot that bambos' range preflop was xtremely wide when he calls on the button but not when he shoves. i jsut felt taht if not handcuffed, i'm gonna go from 25k-60k 90% of the time by the end of the day, playing 9 levels.


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