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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm gonna update every day untill i run good.

I wonder how big variance is in donkaments. When I first started, I couldnt win anything. A couple of months ago I'd win a donkament almost every day that I played them. Right now I cant make a final table to save my life.


ftp 32k (163)
50/50 (55)
random stars (5.50)

ftp 15k (55)
party 18k (55)
party 6r (26)
staers 11r (51)
25k (55)
14.5k (75)
5k ftp (26)
13 DS to sun mill (13)
13k crypto (55)
13.5k ftp (26)
25k (109)
20k (11)
25k (75)
5k party (33)
20k party (109)2k crypto (27)
2.5k ub (22)
2k pkr (55)
1k razz (11)

Still running as per usual. I had big stacks in a few things. but then ran like shit and I cant win the important flips to save my like. for a 40k pot (i still have 8k) closish to the bubble in the 25k gtd on stars at 300/600 when i call a CO open from teh button with KK and villain flops a 7-high flush draw and bet/3-bets AI cos hes built like that.

I won the DS for sun mill seat which i took t$ for and obv used most of them up. and I might have cashed the razz, which was like 4hrs for $5 profit. I guess playing donkaments on non sundays is probably a huge waste of time since I cant play the late ones that are good. If I can only really log around 1k-1.5k of donkament buyins each day, per hr EV wise I really shouldnt play these. However I've decided that I'm playing these untill I win something decent, maybe 7-15k range. Not stopping till then.

I also wanna log some cash, so it better happen soon. I felt a little out of sorts the other day when i played, so I'm gonna play a whole day at NL200 and watch some videos. maybe do 3-5k hands. Then do a quick 10k hands and hopefully have time left to hang before i go to LA. I ended up missing a party today cos I woke up at like 7.15pm and people were going to it at 7.30. wtf how do i wake so late. Sucks so hard. Anyway hopefully I'm gonna wake before 1pm tomorrow since I have to meet my PA and stuff


Blogger actyper said...

Amazed that you can multi pkr with other sites and not have your comp blow up or slow tilt u to death

2:37 PM  
Blogger Luckbox said...

Andy, how come you're not making any more vids for CR?

6:11 AM  

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