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Friday, January 25, 2008

So i'm not happy with myself

I was in position to win 3 donkaments today, ended up FTing one and just getting really unlucky in it.
Spent about 1300 today, and I think I cashed for around $700. Maybe a little more. Not sure. What I do know is that the last 4 days have sucked. In those days I took one day off in betwee, so over 3 days I've played 11k hands of donakments spanning jsut over 100 donkaments and I'm down a little bit.
tbh I think I'm playing too fast once into the cash and getting deep. I really think that I'm gonna win something real soon because I've fixed a huge leak. Now all I need is a little luckboxing at teh right time, and I shoud be picking up donkament wins again.
For a $200 bonus, I have to somehow log 1200 party points in the next two days. I guess I can probably do it in one, might end up playing some cash sometime or else just do all these donkaments and expect to win.
I've probably been in a downswing, but I think I also haven't played my best/optimally, so I definitely blame poor play for some lack of results. My past few blog entries have all been about me bitching. Well I hope to stop that.
I usually like posting some stuff about what I'm doing outside of poker, btu really I've just been spending my whole time grinding donkaments. I'm gonna grind from now on till monday. Probably take a day off on monday then get back to grinding a combo of cash and donkaments. fwiw I've actually sorta enjoyed playing the donkaments recently, and I've been blogging cos I've had nothing to do after I've finished. Every session I end, I'm actually kinda excited to get back the next day to try and win one. I've never had that with cash games before.
I also haven't plaeyd the daily 100rs and 200rs simply because I don't have enough cash for them. Months of travelling now has actually been a bit harsh on the BR. I'm not exactly busto, but I kinda feel like I am. I've been well under 6 figs online for a while now, so hopefully I can start winning some stuff to rebuild a little.
As I said before, LAPC is coming soon so thats why I'm trying to grind hard to get a bit of money online before I leave again. I'm looking forward to day after day of live donkaments. One thing that tilts me about them is that if you bust, then there's always a bit of a wait till the next one. LAPC will be my frist proper series and I'm very very excited. If anyone has recommendations of what to do in LA touristwise, pls tell me in comments. So far everywhere I've been I've had no idea what I want to do, as I'd obv never research anything. end result being that I'm probably missing out on a lot of things.

bah anyway enough of the rambling, time for bed.


Blogger Luckbox said...

Never mind, I just saw Zimba's post explain why at CR. I really enjoyed your vids, btw.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Samuel said...

Hey man, you probs dnt remember me - but my name's Sammy G, friend of Rup's from Warwick - we shared a room in Dublin - the younger guy! Well, I've been reading your blog and guess what - got some ideas! LAPC? Well guess who happens to be studying in the OC, 1/2 hour from LA - yours truly! Well I'm sure you know\remember Kader/Jambon/ a few other lads from Dublin, now full time grinders in Vegas (2+2etc) - well there planning on hitting up LA this exact time, and I think I'm gonna join them - balla out, hit up some of LA's finest - got some inside party lines, the usual! Should be pretty fun! You need some fun in LA? With some alright poker players (them, not me), lemme know!

P.S. Good blog, keep it coming!

2:00 PM  

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