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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been out here for 4 days now. Unfortuanately I just woke up at like 5.30pm today which is bad. Haven't really done much here, the room is nice and they actually have aeron chairs in each one.

Sat was teh ladies event. Apparently guys can play, amybe i should have. Anyway I flew in and when I landed called duck, she said she barely had any chips left. took over an hour to get through customs, and called her again from the cab and she was CL! Anyway, easy game and she wins, getting monies, a trophy, a chipset and a copper horse.

Sunday was uneventful. Played sundays and std results. Watched the superbowl tho.

Yesterday I busted the $1k in meh fashion. Played pretty well imo, but just never saw any cards, then when i did see them they were monsters and i got zero action. Just fustrating, doubled then built up then build down then lost a flip for 1/2 my stack, blah blah blah.

PLayed cash. Ran one bluff which was pretty lol. Ended up -800 at 10/20 which is ok considering the bluff, and then was down 300 in the 5/10 with 400 cap buyin cos i dont run good preflop. I even had to fold TT pre for a 30bbs in a cash game. I almost cried.


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