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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Lots of that. So I ran bad/played bad/lost a little HU for like 2k directly after the last post. Then went over to the Manchester GUKPT.
Not much happened, I got some light 3-bets in making use of a pretty tight image, soul read someone then got KK into AA pre vs one of the few people I would really ever consider I might be bad. Oh well I just cant fold.

Didn't play much due to bananas and tidying my room. I'm like maybe 50% there so far, but it looks a lot better. Clearing my closet and random clothes I never wear I managed 4 full binliner bags. Gotta go drop them off at the charity shop asap.

Today started off kidna bad, busting everywhere in ok/good/marginal spots but mostly stuff i was ok with. Thought it was gonna be another blah day. Rupert came down from warwick to grind with me and we'd planned to go to the Gutshot for the £330. We missed the 1pms and 2pms (pokerstars time - EST), and were in subway just getting (for me) some breakfast.
Rupert calls the club and finds out that they usualyl expect around 50 runners. wtf. That wasn't ever good be worthwhile so we came back for the 3pms.
Ran stupidly bad in the ftp 100r early in the rebuy period getting f'd with by everyone, but somehow got to 10k real soon after the first break. Cruised, cruised, cruised for hrs. Hell I almost started forgetting about it. Got to 30k somehow just gangsta short-mid stacking, and then got AA vs KK vs AK and won a 100k pot. That meant that I just gansta cruised over to the FT with a reasonable sized stack. 9th busted fairly fast then there was a long waitout till 8th bust. maybe someone else busted then I busted 2 real quick to get a decent shot at it. Ran real good and got then lsot a big flip either 3 or 4 handed for a huge psoition, but still had chips. I think I bsuted 4th place so had good chips for the 3 handed where I ended up just running things up to the break. Straight back I got AQ vs A9 and I was in a great pos to TID. Little bit of this and that and I end up getting HU with a good chip lead vs one of the worst players at the FT. Wasn't long before I TID for 19.6k. ship it son.

kinda on a heater right now, hopefully tomorrow is even better.


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