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Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, im done for the month. im estimating -4k, maybe a little more/less, and def more than that further in makeup :(

Cashed around 1.5k today, but obv im still down. Plauyed real bad to start the day in teh brawl, but I played pretty well the rest of the day and didnt really get breaks i guess.
Went almost deep in the ipoker, just got a bit short late, nvm. Cant remember the mansion it sucked tho. Did table manage pretty well, and only 7 tabled a little, mostly 6 tabling but that was to some extent xpert busting (although in good spots). I sighed really hard in the sunday lotto, the only one under $150 that i entered today. busted 101st for less than $200. lol That was fustrating only because the field was obv super weak. Oh well, I gotta now book a ticket to san remo. Probably flying tomorrow. My only goal before then, is to get a haircut. Looking forward to the trip, I grinded really really hard this month, probably in the region of 150hrs+.

Hopefully I saved all my run good for northern italy.


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