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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hoping to Post Before Sunday

It would mean I had a good day on Saturday THATS WHY. Grinded the donkaments again yesterday, and registered for 6.5hrs. Ran kinda funny, with the first two that I busted being set over sets. The some inexplicable shizzle happens and some dude costs me a $109 sat with 30 left and 10 getting seats cos hes a jedi and can predict 4 outers in those old 3-way bet/call/shove/call... overcall situations.
I ended up converting one of the $109 sats for $1k in FTP t$ and then 6th in the 3r. That was probably the most fustrating, 1 tabling for about 2hrs to win $900. :(
Was extremely disappointing not to win anything again, but I'm really starting to think that I'm playing well. Doing a lot better at not punting stacks and basically just grinding that 10-20bbs stack to go deep.
This was just brief, random post, hopefully I have some brags to come soon.


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