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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yeah ok

Saturday started bad when I woke up late and missed the first 3 donkaments I was meant to play. Sunday was even worse. Went to Jack's house (doctor_fun) and he managed to get us locked out of his flat before I even turn up. I'd decided to go to his house to grind Sundays as I'd never been and we always go to mine, and as he comes down to let me in, manages to lock himself out of his flat. He doesn't even have shoes on. In the end we go back to mine and I get to miss a lot of majors, and also get to be tilted for the whole day.

Ran crazy bad on Sunday, -1.4k cash monday and but up maybe 800 to 1k at donkmanets and then - maybe 800 today cos I don't win the big equity flips and also because I bubble the Nightly Hundred Grand like a pro. Then -$700 at 10/20 cap but equity adjustedwise I was 1.8k below.

I'm 3.8k down in showdown equities over 5k hands this month, which is really annoying.
I'm feeling really good about the way I'm playing right now, jsut really disappointed in the results. Gonna play more donkmanets tomorrow I guess, I'm obviously continuing to play them because I'm too stubborn to quit till I've won. I think one 10k cash and I'm back to cash or if I go through till Sunday and still win nothing, I'm gonna play cash for the rest of the month and only play donkaments at the weekend.


Blogger cntgetmedown said...

That's donkaments for you.

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