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Monday, March 03, 2008

Almost did it

Almost went zero for sunday. Played ok actually, I tried to play a few less tables and it worked out pretty well. I think in the future, on sundays I'll only play $200+ and not bother playing any of the other random stuff.
Blew a huge stack in the 10r, mainly cos I suck at freerolling AKs vs AKo and then losing KT vs QT on KJ8 for a huge pot. Could have easily had like 150k at like 300/600 but nvm.
In the WSOP $500 sat, busted 30ish with 10 getting spots QQ vs AJ for like 8 or 9bbs. Didn't run good there, but just played well overall.
Thought i wasn't cashing in anything, but I ended up actually cashing in the sun mill for what i'm ALMOST certain is my first time ever. ls;fsklnf for cking who came 7th in this but congrats ray at the same time for shipping the 100r.
Got bored sweating, so just played 40 WSOP step 1 sats to check them out. Made 6 step 2s, and a couple of set 1s, but I think i ran really bad busting 4th and 5/th in a load of them.
I'm not sure exactly how many i bought into tho, since i used up a load of step 1 ticekts that i won. I don't know if they're standard for $7 SnGs, but omg they were crazy soft.

The above was written on sunday. Today I played a few random donkaments. Bored of posting about running bad but I really did run crazy bad today to bubble 3 satellites to random things. Also just busted a $55 on stars ITM having had a huge stack for a while because I got a setup. oh well.
I might play some live poker tomorrow, or maybe just take the whole day off. I plan to get to the Vic at some point though to register for the GUKPT. Feeling confident as per usual.

Also congrats to exitonly for 100r.


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