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Monday, February 02, 2009


A lot of the times when I post, it's been after winning a bunch and then I'll post everyday. Recently I haven't been winning, actually rocking my new biggest total downswing ever. Don't think I've been playing terribly, sure there's been some spots that have been just plain awful, but it happens. A lot of the time I've just not been winning all ins, which apparently is helpful.

Since my last post, I got on a plane and went to Manila. Having absolutely no information on the place, I definitely had no idea what to expect. The extent to which I knew nothing about the place, was needing a very very quick google in amsterdam airport in between my transit flight. At first I was all 'hey whats the exchange rate?', then I realised I couldn't have even guessed what the currency is.

I played the Sunday session before catching an 8.40am flight on monday, thus getting no sleep. Didn't do too bad sleepwise on the plane, only because I couldn't actually stay awake if I tried. Arriving in Manila, I had to do some super quick math in order to determine how much to withdraw from the atm machine. Asking a local what 10k pesos could buy was probably a little weird and possibly insensitive. I was trying to guage PPP obviously, but I don't think he really understood. Getting a cab from the airport to the hotel I was fully expecting to pay 1900 pesos, but pleasantly i super misread the meter as he only asked for 190. Yeah that sounds more like it.

I enjoyed Manila. Spent a lot of time with the guys from pkr. First perosn I met up with was Kingkai, for food in the buffet place where I'd end up eating a lot. I hung out a bunch with PKR_JABBA from... PKR and soosick, plus all the other pkr satellite winners. The night before the main event we went for dinner, and then drinks after. Somehow between dinner and 3am I because increasingly meh about everything, and at 4am managed to puke my whole dinner up. Ok I thought, I haven't drunk that much I'm ok, calm down puking makes you feel better. Tomorrow is a big day. Nope I woke again at 6am and puked all the rest and all the water I'd drunk, feeling terrible and unable to get to sleep I baiscally just closed my eyes and prayed to not puke any more. At 11am I puked some good old bile, before going downstairs and playing the main event at midday. fml.

I started super super good in a kinda rediculous hand. To some extent I feel I'm lucky to have won, but at the same time wtf does he have. Old dude limps CO, I make it 225 from sb with AKo, he calls. KQxss. I bet 325 he clearly is about to fold then decides to call. I''m like wtf. ok turn As. I'm not super super excited but I have technically gone from 1 pair to 2 pair. I bet 500 just for the kicks and he makes it 1500. WTF DUDE HOW COULD YOU HAVE BEEN ABOUT TO MUCK NOW YOUR RAISING ofsdnsjdnfglsn. ok i call. River blanks I check relatively quickly and call his 2.5k bet. He flips A9hh and I lol. Clearly I cant really be excited vs heat often early in a tournament for like 45% of my chips, but at the same time I don't think he can seriously be leveling me this hard on the flop with his fake fold. I don't think he does it with either JT or any FD so it def didn't make sense. I'm pretty sure on flop he just didn't wanna fold even tho no history and no image, and then on turn he hits the A ball and is just in fire fire mode, because he... has an A too in his hand and hey thats pretty strong no??
I spend the next 9 hrs basically trying not to puke before I busted with 30mins to go. I got to 30k at 300/600/75 but then won no pots for 3hrs and just couldn't run good enough.2 hands I was meh about.

Pokey then reminds me that I'm in a different timezone and I scramble to change my flight to sunday, tog et to malaysia in time to play sunday tournaments at 2am. I bubbled two ft's in a fashion that I'm not totally excited about and end the session -$500 after losing a day in manila and paying fees to change flights etc etc.

I'm probably about to take an enforced break form the internet, which may be a good thing. I really hope to get what I need done here, not get malaria, not go insane from mosquitos, not die of boredom and not get lifetilted by the one dimensional thought processes I'm about to encounter. For the next two weeks I get to live like a normal kid from a small town in a developing country (albeit without having to work). I must be doing something wrong.

chinese new year is going down right now, its the year of teh ox which really means nothing, but its a little coincidence because I was born in the year of the ox


Blogger Keyta Hawkins said...

ohh you have visited Manila, I've been there recently as I have Philippine heritage, I do miss it there :) x

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