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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Since my last post, I've been to Malaysia to see the family, and playing GUKPT Walsall. Kind of a strange bustout hand, where I probably should just pay more attention, and making sure others are too :(. I probably didn't play that tournament very well, but still had a reasonable stack without too much struggle.

Online donkaments have been 'meh', but so close. I came 4th in the party major the other Sunday, and just ran super bad in basically cooler spots. The other day I came 3th in the Sunday version of the 40k guaranteed on fulltilt. I also won the Saturday Big Shot on PKR 2nd time it ran :)

I'm about to go to sleep, having been awake a whole 36hrs now. looking forward to the sleep. Woke up at around 6-6.30pm, went for dinner and then headed over to the vic. was super bored for ages, since no tables broke. Finally a new one started, and I get a set in the first hand i play and lose, getting TT in on AKTsss in super zzzz spot. Lose a bunch online, then win back etc etc.

This week I might play some prelims at GUKPT London. They might even be full already. Definitely playing the main event, always a lot of fun.


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