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Monday, February 27, 2006

Back to School

Ok i admit i been neglecting my studies. Now i will work like a dog. Just decided that i will skip the vcstudentpoker tourney tonight.
Dropped $70 today, well kinda. Got a bit spend happy and bought both PAHUD and PTO, both of which i now realise are pretty much essential. Might aswell get PTO cos i'll start playing omaha soon anyway. I like it for kicks, and will be tearing up UB PLO10 i think.

Thinking about yesterday i dont know if there was anything i could have done in the STTs. I just happened to lose every coin flip i entered. Even in the MTT i was only behind once untill i self destructed. There was one where i had TT against a medium stack and he had 2 undercards and pulled some shit out. That hand would have really put me in a good spot, but instead i had to battle it out.

I'm gonna think more about jobs etc. Gonna do my h/w for tomorrow, etc etc.
I'm gonna learn a bit about omaha and also NLHE tourneys.
also have been neglecting my ebay stuff. Gonna sort some out tonight.

Ok time to work (ebay) and start doing some schoolwork.


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