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Monday, April 03, 2006

played at halls

live poker is the biggest waste of time ever. the expected winrate must be so low.

played 6hrs today, lost £10. this after donking £20 on a Q high flop with AK.
I also put down AKs, trying to dodge bullets like hellmuth, but in retrospect they were playing so bad it maybe wasnt right.

Lost an AJ vs K9s for £10, which would have put me even, and if i'd been playing properly or even hit any cards i'd have won loads. Had 1 big PP, QQ which i got no action on.
I honestly got bored. There's no question i would beat the game LR, with only one player giving me trouble. He played very LAG, and was able to run over the table, which meant i kept pots small and made sure i was aggressive in position.
People were calling 10xbb raises with suited cards. thats it.

it just takes so long though, and when you go through droughts of cards, it just plain sucks.
The money didn't even matter, so wtf. last time i played this game i was even more card dead and dropped £15.

One dude played NL100. thats a joke. there's no way he is anything near a good player.
I guess im fustrated, march was so rough and i just wasted 6 hours (dont care about the money)

I REALLY need to revise. its 4 am. i'll eat something, and then wake up at 9. hit breaky and go into uni to sort out my student loan. come back. sleep till lunch. then tidy up. revising ALL WEEK. no questions asked. I'll start B203 and complete B25. also complete one stats module.
One week baby. I wanna be answering qs for sure.

fuck im tired. some trash tv i guess (cos im STARVING)


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