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Monday, April 03, 2006

LAG it up

2 tabled NL50 on party.
vpip of 35% and 40% after only an hour (it was just before dinner).
I ended up $47, so pretty much a buyin. was interesting thata i got a lot of action from really poor hands. my vpip was slightly higher than it should have been, but i liked my PFR of 11% and 13% .

lost is sick. i watched a bad bootleg copy of episode 17 the other day, and at this moment am dloading a HDTV bootleg copy.
I cant wait. tidying the old room till then. wow theres some shit i found buried under a load of other crap.
I really need to do laundry, so thats my mini task for tomorrow. tonight's task is to be completely ready for study tomorrow.

Went to the student office. man by loan is FINALLY comming through. I don't need the cash but its gonna feel good to get it. tuition fees are being paid by the govt too... so i'm looking at £5.5k total! thats enough for the wsop main event... or not.


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