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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Biggest Rut of My poker career

March has been terrible

cleared the empire bonus in 1 day. its now 6am in teh morning, and I've just logged 12hrs of poker.

I've been on tilt for around 6hrs, and extremely tired for 5.

I swear I got stacked 10 times in 3000 hands, which is a shitload. Whats worse is i cant remember any of them being beats, just me being a complete donkey.

total was down $45. bonus $200, cashed out $155 to the good, but for 12hrs I would expect a tonne more.
I really don't know whats wrong with me. I think its the exams + job pressures that are getting to me. It's making me a lot more impatient at the table, where I'm consistantly running my C game.

I'm gonna take a weeks break from poker i think. I've finally got poker 'burnout'. also this severe downswing is getting to me. I'm up $250 for march, but it was all bonus money. In fact i made $400 bonus money, so I've donated $150 to the poker community this month. Technically a winning month (plus rakeback of $70 on top), but in reality I'm looking at it as a losing month for sure.

+155 on day (i guess)

BR total is now $2590, after buying my new ipod thing and 1gb ram stick. will get rakeback of around $70 too.
I'm still playing WAY within my BR, which might actually be getting to me, because impatience might be due to me not making 'enough'


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