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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Booked a W.

up $72 on the day, for around 2hrs. Would have done more, but just decided to book the win.

Hit like 4 sets, in that time, so that was nice. Possibly should have stacked someone when i flopped bottom set in a large multiway pot, but oh well.

turns out im not getting my tuition paid, so erm poker profit= tuition money now. that sucks.

I'm too tired now to post anything profound, but I think this bad month has been real good for my patience, and has helped me lose a major aspect of my degenerate gambling tendencies, ie my BJ weakness. BJ is only for casino whoring.
I need to log around 4hrs on absolute soon, then i think i'll just stop there. I'm really not a fan of their software, adn need to look at a new skin. the one Im using is WAY too cluttered.


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