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Sunday, March 26, 2006

PT Sent me on TILT

ffs. was up $15. Dropped about $50 in last 2 hrs cos PT sent me on tilt. Stupid thing kept showing an error, so nothing worked, PAHUD included.

Sent me on tilt big time, started playing very weak tight.

total on the day is -$40. this is ok, its only 1 stack, but still it really doesn't feel good.

This month has been really killer on my patience, but thank God I have the self control not to resort to the BJ table. I'm writing today off from my memory I hope, and if I don't drink later I'll come back to the tables a new player.

I gotta shower now and then go see Sonum's play, its her West End Musical debut, or something like that. It's meant to be important.


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