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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Extended Break

Due to a fun time, I wont have any internet till 7/7/2006. fucking brilliant

past couple of days I've played 3k hands or so at NL50 and LHE1/2 and pretty much broke even.
Moving is a pain and my new room has less storage space than i would have liked. Its decently sized but the shelves etc suck ass.
I just spent £130 online at argos for a desk, chair, bedside cabinet and desk lamp. I might have gone a little crazy seeing as i really was only considering a desk, but hey you know me and internet buying. I couldnt satisfy myself so i also bought Ed Millers new NL book from the marketplace on amazon. I had intended to do a quick PSO bonus and get 3 books but nvm I'll do it later.

I now get a good few days for some serious session reviews and book reading. Also watch some vids and hopefully come back in two weeks with 'metagame'. this is kinda something i'm obsessed with, but basically i dont think my play has improved evenly recently. I think some areas of my game are extremely strong whilst others are weak, and holding me back. I don't feel I play optimally when others take the lead. This I need work on as I have been playing like there's no call button recently.

I'm gonna try and get a job too with 'high society'. should be interesting. Also I'm gonna be a super casinowhore once i get the internet back. I intend to make at least $200 in +EV each week from it. Should be cool.

I have been watching a shitload of Buff the Vampire Slayer recently. I forgot how good it was. Used to watch it every Teusday on BBC2 but not seen an episode for years. I'm gonna have A LOT of time to watch the football and tv programmes. Might do a 24 marathon. Definitely do a LOST marathon. My new flatmates are cool, though I don't know them too well. The ones living there right now are moving out soon, but still good that they seem alright.

Anyway I hope to get netside sometime later in the week, and you'll get a trip report for my last few days and also what I've learnt about poker, specifically to do with my own game.


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Nice blog and good luck when you get back!!!


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