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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back Once Again Like the Renegade Master

I'm back biatch.

Been a wierd 2-3 weeks or so. Moved into my new place, went home for a about 24hrs and in general have just been moping about, impatiently waiting for the internet.

These days i now ACTUALLY think about turning lights off etc when i'm not in the room. Funny. Living at halls has given me really bad habits. Grocery shopping is an interesting experience, in fact after posting this I'm gonna shower and then head out to Lidl and pick up some stuff. Having never done it before without a car you really dont realise just how heavy it can get!
My flat mates are cool. One is one of my best friends and the other two are a couple from his course. There's another girl but she's at home cos she's working in a pub or someother crappy job. I'd been hanging with the couple a lot but its a bit wierd. My mate had gone home for a week or so and then went with his family to the world cup final. I KNOW! £2000 a ticket for 5, that kid's parents have some serious deniero.

Anyway I've now had the internet since teusday and totaled 2hrs of playing time. Trying to ease back into it. I had a really good session at NL50 earlier then a pretty poor NL25 one. For some reason my NL25 experience hasn't been pretty and i put it down to it being 10-max. Its hard to adjust since i think 21% is tight but really i want it to be 18%-20% VPIP. At 6-max I think i was at 23% which was a bit tight but still getting paid. Meh.

I hope to get around 4hrs of cash games in today, and then a few hrs tourney play. Hit up some STTs. I'm gonna play 100 at $11 and see how I do. I wanna do them quickly. If i get a ROI of over 25% I can jump to the 22s. I'm more than rolled and feel I got the game for it (i.e. just pushbotting) but not necessarily too comfortable since I dont play it much.A ROI of 20% i'll prob move up. Prob do it all at party and/or crypto.
I'll be playing a few $4.40 180 man SnGs at Stars and may try and satellite into a WSOP qualifier. I really don't want to spend any money on it.

Adding to what I played just beofre I went on my break I'm gonna play up to 10k hands at NL50, do some bonus whoring and then get back to NL100 the week after next. I have about 8k hands to go. I hope to have $5k by then.

The following is just to bring my up to date. I'm gonna find somewhere else to track my $$ since i dont want to publish it so nakedly in the future but for now its here cos i'll prob forget otherwise.

Party: $123.18 +45.3 bonus.
Pokerroom: ($13.95)
Crypto: $9.58

affiliate rb: $19.39
also got some party rb coming if i can ever cashout, i think its to the tune of $150 but we'll stay posted.
cardrunners subscription ($20)

anyway BR total now: $3936.50


Blogger derbywhite said...

Good luck Andy

8:58 AM  
Blogger derbywhite said...


I trawled the two plus two forums for the charts you recommended and cant find them. Any chance of a link please.
Thanks in anticipation


9:32 AM  
Blogger andy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:06 AM  
Blogger andy said...

strange. i couldn't find one either

post an email addy and i'll send an excel file ure way for one that i have stored on my comp

4:07 AM  
Blogger actyper said...

How is cardrunners? worth it?

3:42 PM  
Blogger andy said...

cardrunners = DEFINITELY WORTH IT if you play NL 6-max. for other types of gmaes there are other sites.

1:44 AM  

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