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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I can't log any hours

I've played maybe 11hrs since teusday. That's pretty awful since i don't actually do anything else.

Prob not gonna play today since i have to go out... about 1hr ago.
I have been running at about $38 per hour over those 11hrs tho (spread over two PT databases, can't be bothered to check properly). Started off with my return to NL50 making over 3 buyins in 50mins. kinda like 'woah'! I've been breaking even for like 5k and suddenly this? decided to take the day off after that :D

I have a $200 bonus for another 1800 pokerroom points. there's no way i'm gonna be able to clear that because i only have about 10 days left. I'd better clear the 400 points tho for the PSO bonus. thats worth $120. I can't really play there right now because I'm having PT problems, oh and the software lags like a bitch. how about lagging and then losing connection as i play a raised pot with JJ on TT3 flop and simultaneously when it's folded to me in MP with AKo? *sigh*

I'm murdering the LHE1/2 game on the party beginner's table. It's REALLY bad there, although i managed to book a $10 los on the 0.5/1 tables last night. hmm. just trying to clear the $100 bonus on there. gonna do a casino soon, possibly the willhill one since its a monthly.

i got NLHTAP the other day and have been skimming through. I also have a tonne of poker vids to watch. oh and I need to go eat something...


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