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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Account Update

Bit earlier than a week. Tomorrow I'm crypto whoring.

Empire bonanza bonus: $150 but dropped $35 in the process.

party overall $259 about 800 hands at NL50 and around 800 at NL100. played the monster tables and they took around $10 off me. I don;t like this.

Thursday tourney night. busto in 2 180-man $4.40 SnGs on stars. main prob was the interface. couldn't find a background i wanted to play on.
$11 entry to $3000 guaranteed, came 5th. Paid $201. I SO want to play them more.
$6 monster freeroll qualifier. $5 back plus entry into monster freeroll. LHE STT which I entered by accident.
dropped $7.50 at NL10 trying to make a vid. lol

hadn't managed any casinowhoring. still waiting for to hit my debit card. Said it all went fine, but still hasn't hit the debit card so I'm waiting a bit.

My PT stats are all messed up so can't really show anything. I managed to delete every piece of data I have on stats at party apart from NL100. I meant to do it for just 1 database but managed to do it for all databases. GG me.

BR $5912.12 MAN almost $6k. My game is on fire, I'm running hot and I hit a good tourney cash. As long as my casinowhoring money gets in, I'm good.

$546.70 week but I reckon If I work hard sat/sunday on the crypto whoring I'm looking at around $200-$300 in bonii and maybe $100-200 poker if thats how I clear it.
update will come sun night/mon morning.


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