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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Since I'm not playing poekr right now...

I decided to edit my blog. I'd added a few blogs down the side, basically all the ones I read. If anyone wants their blog added,
1) reply.
2) it has to be worth reading,
3) wait. I'd probably bookmark it, read it, and then add it like a month later.

I'm not sure how it works but I hooked up to troutblogs as run by twoplustwo member Degen whose blog 'the grind' is in the list on the right.

Oh and this is the blog that made me post '6am. I had an epiphany'. Its by a friend of mine who I lived with last year. Right now she's backpacking through india and God knows where having a great time and actually experiencing things.
Me... I'm all about the green (or actually the Sklansky dollars)

Oh and since I'm feeling in 'that kind of mood' here's my facebook profile for anyone who's got it. Add me if you want


Blogger Riverrun said...

I tried to add you to MSN messenger to talk to you about real estate but you dont use it. Do you use Yahoo AIM?

Also thanks for the link but it has an error in it!!

8:30 PM  

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