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Monday, July 24, 2006

Empire Bonanza almost killed me

Ok a little bit of an exaggeration but I did wake up with a bit of a cold.

Basically 1st-10th get $300, 11th-30th get $150 and 31-60 get $100. Prizes down to top 300. Basically its done on whoever has the most raked hands. Its from 8pm GMT to 5am GMT. I did it for 8hrs with around 20miins break total and came 13th for $150. I played a total of... 5881 hands. PT says i played 8.38hrs. WOW

I'm gonna go for it later again today, since there's only 1 more day. For 11th-30th its £10/hr basically for some breakeven poker.

First hr i was up 6 buyins, then subsequently dropped 4 buyins over the the next 7 hrs. great.
above is the graph of my time.

For the week this is what happened:

Party and Empire:

NL50: 1467 hands $345.43 (PT says 325 but my party account has $20 more...)
NL25: 6338 hands ($1.81) (I donked 2 buyins earlier in the week so... meh)
PLO25 : 52 hands $45.40 ( just donking around. I pwn them all)

empire dropped $15 for 150 raked hands on me.
empire bonanza 13th place for $150. was around 1000 hands behind 10th, but those are the 9hrs straight NL50 robots. Tonight I'm shooting for 20-odd for $150. Hopefully 7hrs play will pwn.


LHE1/2 507 hands ($10.75) (my monthly dose of crypto LHE. willhill monthly)
NL$50 56 hands ($6.30) (SHIP IT... or not)
NL£25 181 hands $45.09 (NL£25 = NL$50 imo so i played a mix of these)


£25 Willhill 5hr monthly. I'm gonna do the rest of the cryptos this week


this place sucks. I was up $55 on the week plus the 12000 PSO points which I can cashout for $100 and a £14 amazon GC. - casinowhoring

Like I said I'll do one a week. LLuckboxed it and pwned this bonus to be ahead $150. Plus $200 bonus this was worth $354 total for me ($4 comp points WOOT!)


Week +$1144.92 ship it.

BR: $5365.42. again, ship it.


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