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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

End of the month

First off today sucked hard. I ended up on tilt just basically getting bad situations, then deciding AK was gonna be good AI preflop at NL£25. hmm

in cash today I dropped $66 plus $16 yesterday.

entered a stars $4.40 but i hate playing them since I hate the Stars backgrounds. Managed to bubble a PLO $5.50 STT too.

Played and lost 4 straight £5.50 STTs on crypto. Great. Lost in the $3000 donkament due to a donk calling AI with A high and gshot on flop.. Currently in another donkament but seriously not liking my chances. I'm in general pretty on tilt and might take tomorrow off, apart from to make 100 points on party.

Monthly look:

well i cant be assed to check at the mo and really my PT results are missing anyway so its not gonna help.

Up $1968.50 for the month including being down about $100 today. meh

i would guess about $1000 or so of that is bonuses, since I haven't played much poker.

BR stands at $5744.50


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