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Monday, July 31, 2006

Treading water

Yesterday I did a £50 casino bonus on Willhill, managing to lose £60.5 flat betting £5. great.
A bit fustrating but -£10.5 for like 1.5hrs betting. hmph!

Today I 4 tabled NL50 on crypto and really played badly. Took a coinflip for $50pot, lost a $50 pot with TPTK vs top 2 (bad mistake) and lost QQ on 7xx board when villain open pushes K8 no draw for $18 into $6. No worries as the turn comes a K and he subsequently builds a $150 stack in about 10 mins. Say WHHAT?? mofo.

That pissed me off so i was down $16.5 for today. meh. I stopped playing since I realised I hadn't eaten for 9 hrs. WTF?? I forgot that I woke up at 8am. Usually I don't eat breakfast till 4pm so I thought I was still on good time. Little did I know.
Decided to go to Soho for a coffee with Damien (my housemate) and a couple of his buddies. OMG is it full of freaks. Now at school the girls I knew were more than willing to pull each other, but they weren't dykes like the ones in Soho. I mean some of these 'women' scared the shit out of me. Also there were a tonne of gay men and they all looked kinda dirty. I was actually a little bit worried about making any gay jokes in case someone overheard. IMO you DON'T wanna get your ass kicked in Soho. It's just not right (plus you don't know what else they'd do)

Anyway BR took a step back to $5876. Also any account I now play properly is gonna need something like $600 for me to be able to play it properly. I'm seriously considering having $200 at multiple sites and just playing 1 table at each one. SHould be ok at crypto, so I can have all my bonii come in at the same time...

I think I'm off to Fulltilt. Playing on crypto today made me realise that game selection was gonna be important. It was pretty hard to avoid the regulars. FT, Stars and Party have huge choice at the NL100 level so I'll hit them up, but I don't want to pay the monster rake at party and aI don't like the stars software. OK. I actually mean I hate the stars backgrounds. I don't like playing on any of them.

Oh and instead of trying those links I posted earlier, try this for my STT vid. I recommend it to anyone who's struggling to make money at them, or have simply never seen the power of pushbotting. Hope this works for non fox members: link


Blogger Mattastic said...

Thanks for the video Andy, the link worked.

It's helped me 10 fold, I've been limping too much early doors and chasing draws etc.

I've never seen push-botting when I could see their hole cards! Time to put it into practice I guess!

8:38 PM  

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