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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I suck at logging hrs

I'm unsure. Felt really tired today.

Yesterday I clocked 1860 hands and today 900. I've been running 'ok' but interestingly AA and QQ are net losers over the past couple of days. I think tilt control and my ability to win max/ lose min is really coming good.
here are some hands. In both cases I don't think there is any other line given no super reads/ extensive hero-villain history .
I think I played them pretty much perfectly, have a gander.


I've been thinking a lot about what makes a good blog. For example of all the blogs I read this is clearly the best. The writing style is freeflowing and easy to read. The poker content is interesting but not necessarily the overdominating aspect.
Many blogs, including my own, suck at this. Poker is the general theme, but there is little to no thought about poker in general, or poker from various directions. It's all "I'm running good" or "I'm running bad." For example I started this post off talking about having AA/QQ as losers... but did I make mistakes? Shouldn't I really concentrate on the other 99% of hands that I have to play? Although variance has been high, I'm actually running at 8.5BB/100 this week will AA a net loser. Bad blogs will concentrate on these hands, post them, and be worried about where the money will ever come from. Good blogs won't mention them, or maybe just brush over the quickly like a side remark. This is a by product of the fact that good players play MANY MANY more hands than the bad players. Not just cos most are unemployed poker 'pros' or 'semi-pros' but because we (and yeah I'm going with 'we') play a shedload more tables at any one time.
I may only clock 2-3hrs a day maximum, but most small stakes players struggle to get close to clocking in a month what I do in a week.
Thus when they take a beat it's more of a big deal. I will see a lot more beats in the same amount of time, and really unless its a string of beats/cold decks it doesn't really register, and I check how I ran by my BB/100.
Another thing that makes a good blog is providing something for the reader. Many blogs have people asking for HH help and really don't give much insight into the game (for example this dude. His analysis is 'ok-ish' but i do like the effort in general). This is totally fine as many small stakes players aren't good enough to really be giving advice, and really DO need to receive advice. However HH posts should be put in forums like or You get a much wider audience and many very good players responding, especially in SSNL on 2p2. 2p2 has a bit of a bad rep since some people are very sarcatic and it's 'clicky'. However most posters are very good and as long as you post using hand converters and don't do anything stupid you will gain good feedback. Take criticsm for what it is. They may actually be correct.
In SSNL they run things called digests, which is a compilation of the most interesting threads of the week. There are also 'wells' where well-known posters/players are 'in the well' and for one day answer ANY question you throw at them. Recently players like aba020 have been in, and its great (recently famous for clocking $700,000 in august, then deciding $1mill for sept would be fine)
If someone can't provide 'poker insight' on a blog provide something else. Be funny. Try to think laterally. Post links to your favourite other blogs, or the best threads you've read today. Tell me something interesting like you got arrested for a faulty tailight by a really hot policewoman who you then got a phone number off, went on a date with but then accidentally KO'd her due to a miscalculation with a swinging door (no. no one has actually ever posted something like this... yet)

Alternatively you could just post something random about how some blogs rock but some blogs suck. The worst thing a blogger can do is not post.

p.s. my post titles constantly suck. I will have to do something about this.
p.p.s. F U cardrunners for running the tourney at 8pm EST, although its my own fault i logged in 1hr late...


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