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Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm taking life beats from every direction

Damn ninja.This month I have played a total of 8000 hands. THATS IT. I'm gonna try and clock maybe 2k-4k hands this weekend, but we'll see.

Stuff has been pretty hectic.

OK. So it's decided that we're NOT staying at Elephant & Castle because the landlord is moving the rent up and my housemates can't afford it. No worries for me since I'm now making semi-balla money I would actually prefer to get a better place. RIght now we pay £95/week and they want £110/wk. The place is so NOT worth £110/wk so I'm now looking for places up to around £140/wk. I guess it's quite a lot of money and in the past I would have seriously cringed at that kind of money... but screw that, ninja. I'm semi-balling. I'm up $2.4k in cash over my 8k hands and about 1.6k total from the mansion stuff. I've heard CCU are also definitely paying so WOOT DOG!

At same time as all this shit, we've got fucking fleas! My ex- housemates had a cat and a dog, against the tenancy agreement, and the sons of bitches have now moved out but left the fucking fleas behind. We've got environmental control coming in, but in the meantime I'm spending a fortune in fucking flea spray. I usually don't like to use profanity in my blog anymore, but this situation warrants it. It's a fucking nightmare. I've been getting bitten, and its not fun.

THEN last night I did my laundry, hung that shit up and then it rained and i had to rewash. ffs

Oh, and there's the small matter of me losing my key on wednesday, and having to crash on a friends floor for a night, before spending ages (and £20) persuading my housemate to let me back in (i had a spare key on my desk. clever)

I was also in the well this week in SSNL. At least I've found out that I am registered for uni, as long as I confirm online so that I can get my session card that way.

Some dude from 2p2 has asked me for some help, and I've agreed to look through a HH for him, however I'm not sure. It takes fucking ages to look through other peoples, HH and to be honest I don't even bother looking through my own. I think I'll check one out for him tonight, but thats it, unless he pays. However he doesnt use PT and only has a $250 BR (from $500) so w.e.
I would like to start coaching etc, but I don't think I'm that good a coach really so I guess thats something for the future. Also how much can I charge? I'd want at least $25/hr for it to be worth my while but I'm not sure NL25/NL50 players can really afford it and/or would think it's worthwhile. An alternate way would me to take a % of their action, which is an interesting concept as I then only get paid if they do well, but I have to be sure that they won't F me over.

I am thinking about writing an article soon titled: "how to get better, really [censored] fast." It would be a step by step guide of how to beat NL25/NL50 and by logging a huge number of hands at the same time


Blogger Perpetual_Traveller said...

Affiliate him, get his rake....and 20% of his profits?! Take it as read, if he starts winning he will screw you, it's human nature (I've learnt the hard way).

1:55 AM  
Blogger derbywhite said...

I like the new luck

Good luck at the tables :)

8:49 PM  

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