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Monday, September 11, 2006


Since it's a new month and I have a fresh 'bounce' I thought I'd give my blog a fresh look.
I was never happy with the previous Fugly blue, and the text did not stand out one bit. Oh and I'm now justifying my text to give it more of a profession feel.

I haven't updated my poker situation recently so here we go:

I played just 1 hr today, and ran hot again, even after stacking off with AQ on a JT9 board. Semi-bluffing was WRONG.
This month so far I'm down $100 in donkament entries, but up $130 in summer sizzler promo, finally. I'm up $250 from mansion keno, and also $1000 from the bonus from wagering $20,000 at the game. Hedged the mansion bet so $455 in +EV from hedging, $50 from SIA and $90 from pokersavvy. I'm also getting $200 from CCU, apparently. I'm not holding my breath since we're all very unsure, but I hope they do honour it as they have a lot of good casino promos that I would like to take advantage of.
I also did the willhill £50 monthly this month, and then did it for Ben and took 1/2 the action. It wasnt really worth my time but w.e. I'll do it for him ONE TIME.
Pokerwise I'm up $1.9k in 5.5k hands but we'll see how that goes. I'm running too hot right now and am expecting a downswing sometime. For now I'm just riding it out.

Hoping to clock around 20,000 hand by the end of the month, which is only a 1000 average a day. I think I'm gonna log 50,000 hands at NL200 before I consider going to NL400, unless I just continue running like a machine. If I average out at 4.5PTBB/100 I'm gonna be happy at NL200.

In order to withdraw my mansion money, I need to send in a pic of my drivers license. In order to send in this pick, I just spent £145 on a digital camera. Is this 'balla' or is this 'spew'??

This post was really poor, but it's 10.30am and I'm really tired.
I'll do a proper BR update in a couple of days.

Gl at the tables


Blogger actyper said...

Hey when you change your template, will it copy everything over for you or do you have to put everything back in? ie) side bar.

12:56 PM  
Blogger andy said...

it resets everything. i had to redo the sidebar, but i cheated and c&p the original into word first since I don't know much about html apart from trial and error

3:24 PM  

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