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Friday, October 06, 2006

First day of class...

It sucked. I was SO bored. I also found out that I had class on Teusday, but missed it. hmm...

I wanna play a lot this weekend, and think I will. I haven't had the right amount of sleep the last couple of days, so haven't played much poker. Today I think I'll give FTP a spin at NL100 so that I can get used to the software, if I manage to tidy my room. Above is a pic of my desk, and let me tell you that's the most tidy party of my room. Currently running hot and am up $1700 and £100 this month, but w.e. only 3k hands online which pisses me off. I'm hoping to get in around 5k hands this weekend, maybe 1k today...

p.s. just got a new neteller sorted.. waiting for the old <£1 deposit into bank account


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